How Kobolds Work

Pathfinder PRD Kobolds
Pathfinder SRD Kobolds

Also available are the kobold descriptions from DND 3.5’s Races of The Dragon.

Notes on how I do things differently (may add more to this later):

Kobolds tend more towards Lawful Neutral rather than Lawful Evil.

Kobolds are closer to their descriptions in 3.5’s Races of the Dragon than Pathfinder’s. They aren’t constantly seething with racial hatred for all creatures, just gnomes and gnome-looking things. They aren’t very trusting of outsiders and with good reason, but it is more caution than hatred.

Kobolds have mild appreciation of Half-Elfs, recognizing the plight they must endure because of their mixed race.

Orcs are very distrusted by Kobolds, and Kobolds will only deal with them if half-Orcs are used as diplomats.

Dwarves compete with Kobolds for resources and are naturally enemies, but they have been known to deal with each other peacefully as noted by the Kobold tribe next to Stormfall.

Elves often find they can get along well with Kobold sorcerers through the common ground that is arcane lore, though this isn’t the case between the Blue Kobolds and the [elfen society] neighboring them, as arcane magic is often discriminated against by them.

Gnomes and Kobolds do not get along. Because fuck Gnomes.

Halflings are as hated by Kobolds as Gnomes, but this is misplaced hatred due to resemblance, and Kobolds and Halflings don’t have the same history of war as between Kobolds and Gnomes.

Kobolds are the most content race one can encounter. When not in conflict or on an important mission, Kobolds are very laid back in spite of their being so industrious. This comes from a simple fact: Kobolds are Dragons. No matter their situation, a Kobold will be satisfied with himself for as little as knowing that they descend from and serve the most powerful beings known. From this contentedness comes an overwhelming sense of duty and loyalty. Even rare Kobolds who are ostracized for wildly different scales will remain loyal both to Kobold tribes and to the Dragons they serve.

How Kobolds Work

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