Major Kobold Tribes

There are five major Chromatic Scales, which each make up large portions of their own tribes called by their color. Kobolds of many colors live and function in societies whose colors they do not match as a result of intertribal commerce, so it is not unheard of or even unlikely that a Kobold’s scales not match his tribe, and such a Kobold is still just as loyal and industrious.

Major Kobold Tribes


The major tribe to the north consists primarily of Red Kobolds. They are known for producing exceptional mages, and tend to be more aggressive than other tribes.


A major tribe resides on the opposite side of Stormfall mountain. The Kobolds there are predominantly green, and have a treaty with the Dwarfs of Stormfall distributing subterranean territory. Racial tensions are still present.


There is a tribe of Kobolds spread along the Western coastal side of two of the mountains on the mountain ridge bordered by the Elfen lands. The tribe is predominantly blue, and they are well known for their trapmaking and subterfuge in dealing with other races.


Two predominantly White Kobold tribes exist.
The first is on the northern side of the mountains inhabited on the south side by Red Kobolds. The Northern White Kobolds are noticeably more zealous than other tribes in their reverance to the dragons.
The Southern White Kobolds inhabit both sides of a small mountain range running east-west towards the southern end of the continent. Their mages nearly match the Red Kobold’s mages in skill, though the Southern White Kobolds are considerably calmer and more measured.


A small mountain, surrounded by marshlands, just south of the Elfen lands is home to a tribe of Black Kobolds. They are among the best in the art of stealth. Many Kobold Assassins come from this tribe, even those with non-black scales. Necromantic arts have also made their way into the culture of the Black Kobolds because of a neighboring marshland society of necromancers who sought shelter in more hospitable territory to escape persecution for the perceived vileness of their practice, even though they are overall neutrally aligned.

Other and Uncommon Colors

If you choose an uncommon color, racial traits available to you are determined by which major color your scales are a subset of. Some colors such as purple and brown are subsets of multiple major scales, in this case you may choose racial traits from either.

Subsets of Red


Subsets of Blue


Subsets of Green


*Color belonging to multiple primary chromatic scales


Grey: Subset of either white or black. Those of white leanings tend to be pale while those leaning black are ashen.


Metallic Kobolds are often distrusted by Kobolds civilians, though the leaders recognize their importance in diplomacy both for their better disposition towards other races, and for their stronger affinity to their dragon ancestors.
Golden Kobolds are treated as Yellow for racial and origin purposes.
Silver Kobolds are treated as Grey.
Bronze Kobolds are treated as Brown
Platinum Kobolds** are what the fuck dude why do you want to be a platinum kobold get the hell out

**Platinum Kobolds are so goddamn shiny that they’re just disposed of shortly after birth. Because Kobolds don’t grow emotional attachments to their children. And the damn thing is better off dead.

Major Kobold Tribes

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